Martijn van Iterson Songbook Vol 1 (2018 hardcover edition, CD included, €49,95)

This luxury hardcover edition (limited and numbered) of Martijn van Iterson Songbook Volume 1 contains sixteen lead sheets of Martijn’s most memorable works, accompanied by a CD. To listen to Martijn van Iterson performing examples of these compositions is to hear the unmistakable sound of a highly sophisticated jazz musician: freely taking what he needs from the jazz tradition while adding his own wealth of ideas, his playing always inimitable distinctive. In jazz, as in all other music, some things are of their time, some ahead of it, while others simply are timeless. These sixteen outstanding compositions belong to the …

It’s Happening (1998 album reissue €12,99)

Smoothjazz alert ! “Digital only” reissue of Martijn’s 1998 smoothjazz album It’s Happening. In the mid-nineties Martijn was asked by his friend and producer Lou Guldemond to record a smoothjazz album. Accompanied by Holland’s finest studio-session musicians like, among others, Karel Boehlee on Fender Rhodes, Peter Tiehuis on Rhythm Guitar, Toon Roos on Saxophones, Michel van Schie, Theo de Jong and Boudewijn Lucas on Bassguitars and Martin Verdonk on Percussion the final result couldn’t have been any better. For sale (€12,99) right now at or at your favourite streaming platform. Enjoy !